Системы централизованного управления


Интеллектуальная система управления холодильными машинами (iCM) - Стандартный базовый вариант


Характеристики продукта

  • Continuous commissioning and operation improvement of chiller plant based on operation data
  • Save energy with optimized controls for our chillers in addition to pumps, towers and valves.
  • Save money, time, and effort by remotely controlling your plant: easy and quick access to necessary data for maintenance and energy management follow up and report
  • Minimise the risk of an unexpected breakdown by 24/7 alarm monitoring and emailing
  • Maximise the life time of your plant room by balancing running hours, and start/stop cycles
  • Increased reliability with tested standard functions
  • Service for product and controls are provided from a single point of contact

Технические данные


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